Interview with Clément Pelloquin

At ProperShot, we know that photos are essential for selling a real estate property. A buyer’s first impression of a listing comes from its photos. The experience of Clément Pelloquin, a real estate agent working at L'Adresse with 7 years of experience in the industry, demonstrates how our photo retouching platform can truly make a difference.

Clément Pelloquin - Real Estate Agent

Why ProperShot?

Clément's answer is clear and meaningful: "All of the agents in the agency now use ProperShot because it’s easy to use, fast, and efficient! Imagine having to manage a team where everyone has their own method for taking photos, using different equipment. It can quickly become a logistical nightmare."Before adopting ProperShot, his agency’s listings lacked visual consistency. "The framing, brightness, and contrast were never correctly calibrated," he says. This inconsistency harmed the agency’s professional image.

What prompted you to change your habits and adopt ProperShot?

It’s the efficiency and simplicity of ProperShot.

"Since using ProperShot, each agent has been able to install the app on their smartphone and they all quickly mastered the tool. The app allows for automatic album processing in just a few minutes. The photos are ready to be published almost immediately after being taken. All that’s left is to email the photos and/or download the album via the platform, and the photos are ready to be published on your listing."

The user interface is another major advantage of ProperShot that made adoption very smooth.

"The app is simple, smooth, and intuitive, allowing for optimal use of its features."

For real estate agents constantly on the move, an easy-to-use app is essential. ProperShot offers a seamless user experience, making photo taking and processing a breeze.

Finally, another strong point of ProperShot is the quality of its customer service. For real estate professionals who often have tight deadlines, responsive and efficient customer support is indispensable.

"The customer and technical support is the most responsive and pleasant service I know among all brands/companies."

Your favorite features?

Among the most appreciated features by Clément and his team, sending albums by email directly after leaving a property tops the list. "Imagine being able to finish a photo shoot during a viewing and immediately send a professional-quality photo album to your office."Also, the sky replacement feature proves to be another essential tool.

"Sky replacement is also a valuable aid when the weather isn’t ideal."

These features allow for quick adaptation to unforeseen circumstances and ensure impeccable photos, no matter the conditions.

And what do you think about the results of ProperShot?

Clément gives the quality of the photos taken with ProperShot a rating of 10/10 compared to other methods used before!

The quality of the home staging offered by the app is also highly praised.

"Home Staging allowed me to update the photos of a property that hadn’t sold for several months. As soon as the listing was updated with these new photos, contacts resumed, and we sold the property."

Any advice for us?

"Keep up the app’s stability, keep the close connection with users, and it will be perfect!"


From photo taking to processing, through the user interface and customer service, ProperShot offers a complete and effective solution for real estate agents. If you are a real estate professional looking to improve the quality of your listings, why not try ProperShot?

As Clément would say, it’s "easy to use, fast, and efficient!"

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